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INTERVIEW TODAY: Real Estate Investor Trainee

INTERVIEW TODAY: Real Estate Investor Trainee
INTERVIEW US: If you are interested in learning more about who we are, what we do and why you might want to consider working with us please attend our online 15-minute briefing: -- details on how to proceed in our candidate hiring process will be explained.

Real Estate Investing team including experienced investors looking to build team of exceptional individuals. Great teams require great assistants and leadership. We personally mentor you as you build our team and learn how to invest in wealth-building properties using creative acquisition strategies and well-tested quick analyses.

We create success stories by mentoring individuals who show real drive and willingness to apply what they've learned. Training is direct and to-the-point. We don't want you to waste your/our time. Fact: If you train with us, you will have the skills to earn with us! Yes, there is real work involved. We have high expectations for those whom we want to work with.

Many trainees earn an average of 50% commissions while learning and training, equaling roughly $10K to $20K per month, depending on how well they apply their new skills. Each commission is between $1,000 and $10,000. Then you can earn roughly $40-$60K or more on each deal (like Fix and Flip) after training and assessment. Many options available to earn. Lead investors earn much more, that's why we are your mentors.

Benefits enjoyed:
>- Get paid twice per week >- Commissions between $1,000 and $10,000
>- World Class support system
>- Out of the W-2 lifestyle. Don't trade time for money. 1099 opening that builds wealth in the most lucrative sector available
>- Trainees learn how to create passive income, and how to find and fund their own acquisitions
>- Create partnerships that bring full funding to your deals

Training and mentoring in: Fix and Flip, Apt. - Condo Conversions, Commercial, Single-Family/Multi - Rental strategies, Tax/Legal/Business entity strategies (minimize your tax exposure), pay your mortgage in 7 years, notes, lending - - We are here to improve your financial literacy. More advanced mentoring and training available. Frequent meetings and study groups. We are consistent and creative. Mentors are available to answer questions from the beginning, and throughout your career. Build a long-term working relationship with us.

If you are interested in learning more about who we are, what we do and why you might want to consider working with us please attend our online 15-minute briefing: -- details on how to proceed in our candidate hiring process will be explained.
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2 years ago

WOW!!... Real Estate GOLDMINE / No-Money Down R.E. Investing,,,,, We'll Show You How!!

***** NO MONEY DOWN REAL ESTATE DEALS !! ***** ***** NO MONEY DOWN REAL ESTATE DEALS !! ***** Now, Earn a Realistic $20K - $35K PER DEAL with our program. (some will be even Higher). This is No Money Down Real Estate.... You see, It really doesn't take a lot of money to own or control real estate for HUGE PROFITS ..... We can show you how! Our new real estate coaching and mentoring program lets...
2 years ago

Eviction Process Server: Same Day Service of Process Available in Fort Collins!

2 years ago

Fix n flip loans 90% LTV for property investors

90% FIX& FLIP LOANS PURCHASE AND CASH OUT REFINANCE -100,000 to 100,000,000 1-4 UNITS -90% LTV -80% ARV -We'll fund up to 100% REHAB money -Easy and limited documentation -We'll fund up to 90% of purchase price (Max to 80% of estimate current value) -10 days close• 5 days rush -6-12 months no prepayment penalty -Same day written approval -RATES determine on borrowers experience & LTV NOT CREDIT SCORE -Short...
2 years ago

We are here to help!

We are a leader in helping people remove foreclosure actions. We understand the banks are all about the money and not the person. Don’t wait any longer. Time is money, the longer you wait, the more money the bank gets from you. Call me. -Scott 720-663-7825 ‪#‎realestate‬ ‪#‎foreclosure‬
2 years ago

TIRED OF RENTING??? Ready to find a home to call your own !!!

LEASE-TO-OWN COULD BE THE RIGHT ANSWER FOR YOU! GOOD NEWS! Our Lease-to-Own program can help you secure a home, even if you currently cannot qualify to buy a home. This program is perfect for people who are self-employed, people who work on commission, or for people who need some time to repair their credit. Lease-to-Own is SIMPLE! You choose a home that you love, from homes for sale in the MLS. We...
2 years ago

Short Sale Specialists - FREE Realtor Help

Short Sale Specialists Upside Down on your property? We are Local Short Sale Specialist Realtors offering FREE help! Are your finances really taking a hit because of this economy? Do you need to sell your home quickly to avoid foreclosure? If so, we have a FREE solution for you! We are a nationwide network of Short Sale Specialists who offer free counseling and short sale services to home owners...
2 years ago

Money To Loan

We have in house check writers that can fund residential and commercial projects up to $500 million. On all real estate projects that make good business sense. Contact Eugene Williams 540-631-0685 LEAVE NAME AND BRIEF MESSAGE IF NO ANSWER ALL CALLS ARE IMPORTANT.
2 years ago

Get Out of Foreclosure

Resolve Colorado can keep you from getting foreclosed on by modifying your current loan or selling your house before the auction date. We will take care of all details and finances to make it a worry-free process for you. Start sleeping again and know everything is under control and handled.